COVID-19 Safety

Updated 8/15/2022


Covid and Our Accommodations

  • Like all accommodations, there are a number of policies and procedures that have changed due to this Pandemic.
  • We have greatly enhanced cleaning requirements to keep both you and ourselves safe.
  • The cleaning fee has increased due to these procedures
  • We are following social distancing requirements on the premises.
  • We are providing hand sanitizer stations and supplies for guests.
  • These guidelines may change as required by events or government requirements.

Cleaning Procedures

The revised cleaning procedures are now very extensive and time consuming. We are following guidelines developed by our industry for vacation rentals. We will only clean your room at the end of your stay. We will continue to swap towels you leave in plastic bags provided outside your door, and provide supplies like toilet paper and coffee.

While on Premises

At this time there are no special on premise restrictions, but we do ask that you be courteous to other guests who may be masking or social distancing for their own safety.

There may be other changes to this guidance before or even during your stay. This will be based on the latest information about how to safely address this pandemic, as well as the health or safety requirements of the State of Hawaii or the County of Maui.